Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Wednesday 21.09.2022

Two or three perfect September days. About to change of course but this morning it was warm with just enough cooling breeze to make for perfect walking. We went a bit further than usual, discovering little gems buried in the grass 

and checking out some roadside blackberry bushes remembered from years ago but unfortunately not offering much up today.
Nevertheless, the rest of the walk was one of those where you just want to keep on going over the hills and far away......trees reflecting the morning light, circles of mushrooms which seem to emerge and then disappear in the space of 24 hours, birds quietly acknowledging the downturn of the year (or at least it sounds like it!) and that unmistakeable scent of autumn - a little smoky, a little earthy.

Yesterday was interrupted by work but Monday  - an historically momentous day of course* (though not because it was staging the "greatest event the world has ever seen" - get a grip Mr Speaker.🙄)  actually started off  crisp and chilly but then, as a blanket of high grey cloud was slowly pulled across the sky, it became milder and milder - and very very still.  Occasionally we just stopped to listen. Perhaps the world had paused after all for the "great event".

*R.I.P. Your Maj


Friday, 9 September 2022

Friday 09.09.2022

 Definitely that time of year: a beautiful September walk on Wednesday afternoon where the stage was being set with all the right props.

Since when it`s been crashing thunderstorms, drenching deluges and all enveloping mists. British weather is the best.

Tuesday, 6 September 2022

Tuesday 06/09/2022

Back on home territory after three weeks of gadding and working. The walk in the woods yesterday spoke unequivocally of autumn....different smells, different sounds, misty, still relatively warm, rowan berries a startling crimson this year, blackberries, the wild raspberries all but over, leaves beginning to turn, golden straw bales sitting on the stubble (which always reminds me of this book) 

This morning the seasonal mist has descended again, a far cry from the heat wave down south last month: truly brutal during the Boomtown Festival, near Winchester, where it was all about finding shade and water as well as the usual craziness............

On to Beautiful Days in Devon, where it always rains, except it didn`t, apart from the quite heavy downpour just as we arrived. The sunshine was friendlier than at Boomtown, as it was at Shambala a week later - the ultimate laid back, family friendly festival, a fitting end to the "season".  
(N.B. Check out to find out how to attend all these events for nothing but a little of your time)
And then with time to myself after all that...a little wander northwards through the beautiful Galloway countryside, calling in at Ardrossan to watch the Arran ferry manoeuvre in and out of the harbour - note to self, a trip to Arran now on the to-do list)

A couple more contemplative hours spent staring out at the view from Largs, the warm sunshine making it all feel very exotic,

 and finally on to a beautiful patch of Renfrewshire.
A walk in the morning,

across to Edinburgh, looking as wonderful as ever, for a gig 
as well as the perfect light snack before we started.  

Credit to, just round the corner from the gig venue ( for the best smoked mackerel pate 👍)

So here we are. Back home. Thunder rolling gently round us as we sit on this hill in the cloud so a long walk may have to wait (dogs hate thunder even more than I have come to). Time to start planning more adventures maybe.

Sunday, 31 July 2022

Sunday 31.07.2022

 Last day of July and we`ve had three or four days of  perfect weather. A couple of days ago it seemed to be all about the greens and the trees.......

 the large skies, blues and whites, and a fresh breeze deterring the flies. Scottish summer at its best. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2022

Wednesday 20.07.2022

 Back in northern climes last week, ahead of the heatwave down south. Quite warm enough up here in the last couple of days but cooler today. Walking in the woods once more a pleasure for me and especially the dogs who weren`t at all fond of it getting too warm. 

The countryside seemed to be taking a deep, refreshing breath - we even had a drop of rain last night, dampening down the dust. Yup, won`t be moving any further south anytime soon. 

Sunday, 10 July 2022

Sunday 10.7.2022

Sitting in a beautiful garden on a quintessential summer`s day in the south of England. The Wimbledon men`s final is on this afternoon, the political class is up to high doh and Glastonbury is over. Still to write about it and that walk the detailed memories of which are slowly receding, leaving only sudden flashbacks of particular moments....and lots of photographs.

Been housesitting, which is why I`m in this beautiful garden in the first place. It is very seductive, especially in this weather, watching the local honeybees make full use of the lavender, but it is also the result of a lot of time and hard work to keep it so lovely. 

For some reason, feels like a bit of a moment. Have been busy here and over the last few weeks but am simply sitting still today, reading, staring at the lavender, contemplating a busy week ahead as I head back north on Tuesday where the cooler air will re-energise. This southern heatwave is all well and good but somewhat debilitating. That`s my excuse for a day of complete self-indulgence and I`m sticking to it.

Thursday, 5 May 2022

Thursday 5.5.2022

Spring has more than sprung - yesterday was positively summer sultry. Dark grey clouds stalked the horizon, showering us every now and again but then moving on and letting the sun dry everything up in an instant.

Spring flowers and young green leaves 

butterflies and bees and the coos are oot, gambolling about like lambs in their excitement and as curious as ever
The martins arrived back a few days ago but last night, sitting out on the driveway, the first two swallows turned up. Not often seen on the ground, perhaps they were just catching their breath from a long journey.

In other news, it`s six weeks today we arrived home from The Big Walk, completely broken and absolutely spaced out and euphoric from having done it. But it requires a separate account. Working on it. 😉