Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wednesday 22.03.2017

Grey,sleety and a keen wind as we set off up the hill this afternoon, patches of blue and a late burst of warm sunshine on our backs as we came back down.

Recently hoof prints have been appearing on some of the tracks in the woods. Probably someone riding a horse but frankly I prefer to believe it`s a unicorn considering what else turned up a few days ago:

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sunday 19.3.2017

Starships hanging about on Friday

but they ignored us and we rattled round, a beautiful spring afternoon as it was today, sunshine and showers, dramatic skies,

birds in full throttle and early signs of new growth everywhere.

So the Equilux is past, the Equinox is approaching and whichever way you look at it there`s never enough hours in the day, dark or light.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Friday 10.3.2017 (part the second)

The cloud and damp really descended this afternoon so it looked like a quick scuttle round the block before tea but as we stepped outside it was beginning to clear: the air was sharper, there were glimpses of blue sky and the cloud swirling over and round the hills was on the move.

So set off to make the most of it, following paths on a whim and a voyage of discovery,

a longer walk than anticipated which made tea even more welcome.

Friday 10.03.2017

"Roon the Moon" this morning, or should it be "Noom the Noor" as we did it the other way round on this mild but damp, grey morning, the top of the hills shrouded in cloud.

On Wednesday we did indeed set off to find the Double Hedges but got somewhat diverted and though we started off through the churchyard as instructed, ended up taking a different turn and soon found ourselves striding up what I realised later was Crow Road: the book of the same name is on my TBR pile at home but of course it`s not the same road. :)

In any event it took us up above the town at the very foot of the Fells, rewarding us with more scenic vistas.

which even the dogs seemed to appreciate.

We had arrived at the delightfully named Car Park In The Sky but didn`t linger,the freshening wind and dying light encouraging a hasty trot back down the road ....the dogs were getting hungry and there was a gig to get to.
(And very good it was too:

Yesterday it was different again, the Fells silhouetted sharply against a bright blue sky, the warm sun a perfect invitation to set off on an expedition across the fields (with extra visiting dogs and people) and see where we ended up.
(Mostly) clearly marked footpaths made for an enjoyable yomp

and we arrived, as we rather hoped we would, at the perfect watering hole - the Campsie Glen Tea Room. Sitting outside in the sunshine we requested drink and sandwiches which were brought not only with a smile but with an offer of water for the dogs. Top service.
Thus fortified we continued on the path which took us up to....the Car Park In the Sky! And with time to spare on this occasion it was more of an amble across the lower slopes of the fells, above Crow Road
which took us back home. Altogether one of those days to remember.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tuesday 7.2.2017

Walked "Roon the Moon" this afternoon,a circuit of about one and a half miles on the outskirts of Lennoxtown* with the Campsie Fells hunched broodingly in the grey, west of Scotland light.

The route took us up to about 750 feet (or so the leaflet, obtained from the local library, informed me**) affording panoramic views of the valley, the Fells and in the other direction Glasgow, only 10 miles away but another world. On a moonlit night it would probably look very pretty.

The two dogs in my care trotted round with great enthusiasm even though they were kept on the lead: never game to let dogs I don`t know very well run free, at least at first and it proved a good call as we came back down towards the town on a long straight road and three tiny roe deer ran across in front of us. Wouldn`t have seen the dogs for dust.......

Tomorrow, all things being equal, we may go for "The Double Hedges", building up slowly to getting up those Fells.



Friday, 3 March 2017

Friday 3.03.2017

Some days off are just meant to be done as the spirit moves. Had been contemplating a day in Aberdeen: coffee, Waterstones (more coffee), Charity shops and one if not two films. However it was such a beautiful morning that there was only one thing for it - jump in the car and head for Bennachie.
Weeks, nay months, since I was there but it was the perfect morning for it, cold and crisp, the light still with a quality of winter,

enigmatic shadows.....

...if shadows can be enigmatic.....and familiar landmarks.

And so clear at the top with next to no wind and a warm sun, could have sat for hours......

.......instead of which after ten or so minutes I tripped back down and an hour later was sitting in one of my favorite watering holes with a strong coffee and one of his delicious quiches.
The day continued to improve with a proper mint choc chip ice cream and the random purchase of a really pretty jug from the Red Cross shop.

And as I`d left the dogs behind in my hurry to get out we had a walk round the woods later on in the day, sunshine, birds singing and signs of spring everywhere.
Days off. Love `em.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sunday 26.2.2017

With a rugby match to watch we cantered up the hill and round the woods at lunchtime managing to avoid the threatening rain which was clearly on its way

and finally arrived as England got its act together to beat Italy.
Now, after a final flurry of hail and sleet, it`s swept by and left a clear sky and plummeting`er cast a clout and all that (or as they say in these parts "ne`er cast a cloot `til May be `oot.)