Sunday, 1 April 2018

Sunday 1.4.2018

An irresistible sparkly morning so we were off first thing(if you can call quarter to nine on a Sunday morning first thing), the bluest of blue skies, a suggestion of white cloud bubbling up on the horizons and icy air which nibbled round the ears on the way up the road but was ineffectual in the woods with the sun creeping up and getting warmer by the second.

We took an extra loop (the loop-less-travelled?) to extend the joy of the morning and as we came back down the road the peewits put on an extra swirl and dive, obviously just for our benefit.

Not a bad way to start the new month and encourage the arrival of spring, just like these beautiful daffs- a present from my lovely friend and neighbour who just became a grandma....again!

If it stays like this we may have to go out again later. :)

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sunday 25.3.2018

Still a Westerly and cool but much gentler and it was hats off in the woods where the light was gentle

and the shadows long.

Curtains of rain on the horizon and dramatic clouds overhead, two pairs of peewits on the freshly ploughed fields and bird song echoing round the much quieter woods. Not holding any breaths just yet though: a white Easter is forecast.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Friday 23.3.2014

Pelted rain all morning, easing to spots and spats by the afternoon driven on a strong, unfriendly wind which side-swiped us all the way up the road and was ridiculously cold considering it was a westerly. In the woods the trees thrashed about, creaking and squeaking as they rocked backwards and forwards, the sound of the wind in the branches like an angry sea, drowning out all other sounds.

Patches of blue in the sky, the occasional burst of sunshine, the rain still spitting at us - could almost have been April Showers....except for that wind, which continued battering us all the way back, past singing gates and keening telephone wires until we arrived home, windswept indeed - and very satisfied. :)

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Wednesday 21.3.2018

A strong, cool buffeting wind as we walked up the hill but noticeably milder than the bitter temperatures of late which one way and another seemed to have paralysed normal routines.
Today though the larks had re-emerged and there were the first peewits...a true sign of the year turning.
And though the snow - at first anyway - can be beautiful on a bright sunny day, it`s easy to forget how easy on the eye are the greens and browns and greys:

Still some snow on the hills and the distant mountains

but it felt like winter was on the run today.

Still, snow brings adventures and there have been good gigs and other walks....but they will have to wait just now, bed calls.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Wednesday 21.2.2018

A late afternoon in late winter: preternaturally still, the odd whimsical puffy cloud in a clear blue sky.

Nothing stirred in the woods,the proverbial pin would have been heard for miles if it had dropped,and as the sun went down the air grew colder, the light refracted and reflected

and we practically crept down the hill so as not to disturb the serenity.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Friday 16.2.2018

No hat, no gloves, no extra layers: the sun this afternoon was warm and the air still so despite the icy patches that still hung on in places we tramped round the woods with Spring in mind, making an extra loop along a road less-travelled.

New perspectives, different views and the smell of freshly turned earth.

On Monday another stuffy-air-dispelling walk at lunchtime, through the town

and down the road with Bennachie beckoning in the distance.......

....unfortunately so did work.......

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sunday 11.2.2018

White and crisp, treacherously icy on the road on the way up, satisfyingly crunchy underfoot in the woods.

Snow-capped Ben Rinnes in the distance

but as we walked round, sheltered in the woods from the sharp wind, the sun was warm, more spring than winter.By the time we emerged on to the road the ice was melting and we were able to walk rather than skate home.

And all this after a different kind of walk yesterday: an amble round parts of Aberdeen less-travelled with friends, one of our party re-living her youth as she guided us out of Footdee (pronounced `Fittie`), an old fishing village right at the end of the harbour, along the beachfront to the Bridge of Don, then on to the Brig O` Balgownie

along the Don

into Seaton Park,past the splendid St. Machar`s Cathedral,

though with no time to stop (it really was an ambling ramble). Then on through old Aberdeen (where we serendipitously discovered Grub Fresh Food on The Spital - perfect timing for a quick break, good coffee and tea and cakes) back down to the harbour and on to the now in the dark. An excellent afternoon, new places and good company.....though we might have to pick up the pace a little if we`re going to do the 26 mile walk planned for June!