Sunday, 27 November 2016

Sunday 27.11.2016

Cloudier than forecast, greys and creams with glimpses of blue in between and the occasional ray of silver sun. No wind but sharp air that nipped the nose and ears. Somehow more wintery than the colder bright days we`ve been having but whatever the weather it`s reassuring to walk round the woods and find them pretty much the same as the day before and the day before that, given the way the world in general seems to have gone ever so slightly bonkers. Posted this quote from David Mitchell`s Cloud Atlas before but suddenly it seems more apposite than ever:

"Sometimes the fluffy bunny of incredulity zooms round the bend so rapidly that the greyhound of
language is left, agog, in the starting cage."

Been plenty of agog-ness round here just lately.

Meanwhile gather the drink of your choice and maybe a few nibbles and watch this (it`s very long but explains, as it says, how we got here):

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wednesday 23.11.2016

Another sparkly cold morning to set the blood coursing round. Called it winter in the last post but officially it`s still autumn of course as the colours attested:

Skeins of geese silhouetted against a bright blue sky and the leaves on the ground positively crunchy. Bliss.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday 20.11.2016

The sun was at its zenith as we set off just after midday today. Storm Angus having stayed south of the border (take that you Sassenachs) we were left with a perfect winter-walking day, frozen ground, sparkling in the sunshine, clear air with geese criss-crossing the sky, deer bounding across our path taunting the dogs and pheasants clattering about in the undergrowth doing much the same thing.

In other words it felt like we were properly back, to the woods, and the winter, everything in the right place and at the right season, after a couple of months...well, gallivanting (although now I`ve spent half an hour getting distracted while I looked up that word I`m not so sure). Suffice to say a fortnight in September travelling to Slovenia via Amsterdam and Vienna to Ljubljana. On to Bled, back to Ljubljana then on to Koper, Trieste before heading back up north via Milan, Tirano, Chur, Zurich to the return ferry at Amsterdam.
Highlights included
-the `Third Man` ferris wheel in Vienna

- amazing Slovenian landscape - Heidi country! - including cows with bells :)

- stunning if steep and exhausting forest walks in the foothills of the Julian Alps and arriving, in the nick of time, at a three storey mountain `hut` with hot coffee and warm strudel!

- food, more food

and convivial food markets (didn`t want to leave this one.)

- train journeys, not to mention trams and buses and ferries.

Oh and so much more...and then there was Copenhagen but that`s another story to mull over..........and gigs.....and house moves.........and farewells.....

And meanwhile there`s work and walking and swimming and reading and even a few Christmas cards getting written..........and several more gigs to look forward to of course. :)

Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday 9.9.2016

Two-part day and a salutary reminder to boot:

1. Blustery and cool, low slate-grey clouds racing across the sky, rain imminent.
Activity: three hours or so spent assisting The Shepherd as he wrestled (i.e. sheared) the sheep. "Assisting" involves standing in one spot (avoiding flying mud, wool and expletives) occasionally handing over essential equipment.
Result: stiff muscles and joints, getting colder, feeling older, hallucinating about hunching over a warm fire with several cups of hot tea.

2. Later, still blustery and cool, clouds lower and darker, rain closer.
Activity: walking-quite-fast for an hour round the woods with the dogs.
Result: muscles and joints loosened up, warmer, rejuvenated, no need for tea (though as the rain finally arrived it was nice to come in to a fire and a wee dram).

And the moral of this tale.....KEEP MOVING whenever possible or face becoming fossilized or, as the dictionary has it, "rigidly antiquated."

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wednesday 7.9.2016 - later

Autumn sights.......

....summer temperatures, even at 7 o`clock this evening. The woods eerily still, the air motionless, the bird song ringing out across the evening hush, the swallows clearly confused about where they should be.

Wednesday 7.9.2016

A succession of beautiful early September days making walking the woods a delight: the light

....the scents and sounds, the warmth! So warm we`re now apparently growing cotton in Scotland........

Joyous shenanigans at Shambala over the bank holiday pictures don`t do as much justice to it as these:

but a particular shout out as always to &

Those almond croissants!!

Since then it`s been back to work before the next adventure: much driving up and down the country next week and then 2 weeks abroad ......trains and boats and buses and more trains and lots and lots of walking. :)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday 21.8.2016

A misty moisty morning gave a warm afternoon and a perfect summer evening....and it was all about the light.

Autumn was knocked back into its box for a little while longer.