Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sunday 20.08.2017

Survived the madness that is Boomtown though my feet only just have: every time I`ve tried to put them back in boots they`ve screamed "not yet!" and it`s been flip-flops for the last week.

Worth it tonight though, a perfect sunlit evening redolent of all things autumnal, as if summer was kicking back and saying, "Ok that`s me, done the best I can do but I`ll be off quite soon now". Warm and still, high white clouds, red berries, a few leaves just beginning to turn, birds cooing and murmuring just out of sight and the odd hare scuttling out of our way.

Feet survived anyway: now have to get them ready for a much longer adventure.........

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sunday 6.8.2017

A lovely summer`s day at the end of what`s been a changeable week of downpours and sunshine - sometimes at the same time.
Busy skies,
a fresh breeze out on the hill but warm in the woods.

Yesterday Edinburgh was in summer mood, familiar silhouettes against the evening sky,
the whole place buzzing as the Festival gets under way and the gravity-defying Cirkopolis your starter for 10. Wow!

And next week it`s Boomtown.......
Can`t wait......

Monday, 24 July 2017

Sunday 23.7.2017

Woke up to a shroud of thick cloud which persisted pretty well all day. The sun made a half-hearted attempt to burn though when it lifted a little in the afternoon but by the time we set off for the woods we were enveloped in it again, making for a wonderful atmosphere and an eerie quiet, so still was the air.

It was easy to imagine the unicorns were out and we`d just missed them...round that corner.....

or maybe this one.......

...especially given the trail they left......

Last Wednesday it was a day trip to Lennoxtown and a walk in different woods: no unicorns but a haunting atmosphere as we skirted Lennox Castle, now dilapidated - and photogenic - but with a sobering history, at least in its final incarnation.*

It was also a day of dogs and chickens and gardens and lunch and bus rides, ven if one of the buses did leave early...what is the point of buses that leave early?!


Saturday, 22 July 2017

Saturday 21.7.2017

The fresh easterly that sprang up dispersing the muggy air, shaking the trees and scattering the flies made the walking more pleasant in the woods this evening but riding on that wind were dark grey clouds roiling and boiling, looking as if they hid thunderbolts. So we picked up our pace and rattled home before the sky sparked up and the heavens opened though in the end it was all a bit of an anti-climax - no thunder and the rain has only just started now.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Sunday 9.7.2017

A weekend of damp, mild, occasionally muggy weather. On the one hand more shades of green than it`s possible to count

on the other,often hidden away,colour,


and delicate

not to mention shapely......

Going stir crazy as it rained most of the day but eventually set off anyway, overtrousers and raincoats donned, only to discard the coat half way up the hill as the grey clouds lifted. Kept the overtrousers though as we traipsed through parts of the wood where the grass hasn`t been cut, much to the dogs` delight as for them it made exploration much more fun.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sunday 2.7.2017

Yesterday a sun-kissed evening with a strong but warm southerly wind blowing, rather, as Edward Thomas said of another occasion:

"with such peace and energy together as to call up the image of a good giant striding along
with superb gestures- like those of a sower sowing."

It tossed the tops of the trees about, ran through the barley, hurried the clouds across the sky

and as an added bonus swirled the scents of fresh cut grass and new growth all around us like some gigantic room freshener.

The shadows were already lengthening as we went round the woods and the light cast enhanced the magic of these long summer evenings

of which, hopefully, there are a few more to come before we feel the blast of a less friendly wind.

* In Pursuit of Spring by Edward Thomas

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Wednesday 28.6.2017

A head-clearing walk on a cool, breezy day with the sun in and out of the clouds and grass as high as the proverbial elephant`s eye.

And the head did need a bit of clearing after a fortnight or so of gallivanting and yomping and (over)eating, not to mention a serious case of whiskynapping.....

So this year`s birthday mountain was Hill of Fare ( but first a morning coffee and delicious raspberry tart at Platform22 in Torphins.
The walk itself was a moorland tramp, affording excellent views......

and back down through the forest

Two days later it was a different kind of tramping, this time round the streets of Aberdeen, with a lunch break in the remarkably peaceful cemetery in the centre of town, eye-balling a particularly persistent gull who would have grabbed my sandwich given half a chance.
Aberdeen`s gulls are known for their ferocity....not to mention their size.....

"Aberdeen North's SNP MP Kirsty Blackman said the birds were terrorising her constituents. "Look up internet memes on seagulls - the Aberdeen seagull is the size of a large dog. It is absolutely ginormous and it regularly gets mentioned," she said." (The Week Feb 8th 2017)

And then we were off on a week of activities with a visiting Cotswold Contingent: a walk round a misty moisty Bennachie Forest,

a birthday tea, Stone Circles at every turn

and a rather wonderful visit to a local distillery -

It was all going so well until the C.C. tried to get on a train to take their booty home and it was confiscated! This however is still a story in progress....more to follow.

But the week was not done: at the end of a Saturday learning all about the secrets and intricacies of Letterpress there was a walk to be had along the splendid River Don on a summer evening:

And back to today where we were all in clover......