Sunday, 21 May 2017

Sunday 21.5.2017

Layer upon layer of smoky grey cloud banked up on the horizon but warm sun and blue sky overhead, on this, another beautiful May evening. A few light showers but the story of the week has been these warm late-spring days and nights, a complete contrast to the week before which was all squalls borne in on freezing winds.

The weather didn`t matter in Glasgow for an intense, soul-stirring Bob Dylan gig - simultaneously powerful and poignant but we were definitely in the presence of a legend.

It might matter a bit more for this next week but as they say - no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Friday 5.5.2017

Still tranquil. Mellow even. A very gentle north-easter kept the temperature down but the sun was warm, the new grass was shining and a blue sky hung over it all. There are days when it`s hard to imagine living anywhere else and this was one of them.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wednesday 3.5.2017

Liked it so much we did it twice today, went for a walk that is.......

Bennachie irresistible this afternoon, on the way home from Inverurie (well only a slight detour). The woods tranquil

with only the sound of the beck, or burn, tumbling down into the Gadie Burn, as in

"O gin I were whaur Gadie rins,
Whaur Gadie rins, whaur Gadie rins,
O gin I were whaur Gadie rins
At the back o’ Bennachie.
Aince mair to hear the wild birds’ sang,
To wander birks an’ braes amang
Wi’ friends and fav’rites left sae lang
At the back o’ Bennachie.
O gin I were whaur Gadie rins,
Whaur Gadie rins, whaur Gadie rins,
O gin I were whaur Gadie rins
At the Back o’ Bennachie.

How mony a day in blithe Springtime,
How mony a day in Summer’s prime
I’ve saunterin’ whiled awa the time
On the heights o’ Bennachie.
But fortune’s flowers wi’ thorns grow rife,
An’ wealth is won wi’ toil an’ strife;
Gie me ae day o’ youthfu’ life
At the back o’ Bennachie.
O gin I were whaur Gadie rins,
Whaur Gadie rins, whaur Gadie rins,
O gin I were whaur Gadie rins
At the Back o’ Bennachie

Up above the tree line it was the perfect afternoon, warm sun, a cooling breeze and fantastic views from the top of Oxen Craig.

Not a soul about at the top: sometimes it can feel that Bennachie is there as a personal playground. Without the dogs it was possible to sit there for a little while and survey the scene without being pestered to keep going but then felt duty bound to have a quick trot round the woods with them once home and hey...the coos are `oot!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday 30.04.2017

A keen easterly came as a bit of a shock as we set off up the road around four o`clock this afternoon, but the light was bright and clear, the colours sharp and we soon warmed up. A typical Spring day in fact - still some winter silhouettes

fresh green

and brilliant yellow.

And yesterday Auld Reekie was looking particularly springlike. Had gone to catch an event that was part of the Edinburgh Trad Fest (

which was held in the fascinating Anatomy Lecture Theatre, a small slightly claustrophobic venue, redolent of Burke and Hare (and I have since discovered that William Burke was actually dissected there!!).

But also had time to wander round, take a little stroll round the Princes Street Gardens, (

blossom everywhere and that iconic castle looming over it all,

And should give Cafe de la Poste a mention ( - a bowl of excellent onion soup revived and restored perfectly. :)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Wednesday 26.04.2017

Last vestiges of snow lingering in patches underfoot

and on the tops in the distance

after the last couple of days of ferocious "April showers" Scottish style i.e.three inches of snow, hail, sleet and thunder interspersed with the brief appearance of a warm sun attempting to turn the snow to slush before the next onslaught.

Fortunately it didn`t arrive until Monday because on Sunday a group of us had a long-standing booking for a climb up Clachnaben.

Last attempted on a day when the tops remained resolutely covered in cloud, this time the views were splendiferous and revealed the fact that there is more than just the distinctive granite tor to explore once you get up there although that is certainly very impressive

But a little further along, a trig point,

paths tempting us to walk further

(though we resisted) and Bennachie from the other side.......

A successful tramp, good company and all rounded off at the excellent Buchanan`s Bistro.......

Friday, 14 April 2017

Friday 14.4.2017

No dramas out there today, just a spring day quietly going about its business, something of a relief after the freezing wild winds of the last few days.
Bird song and coconut scented gorse,

curtains of new larch

and luminescent fresh grass.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Saturday 8.4.2017

Only one thing for it on a day like this - a quick scoot to the top of Oxen Craig after work this afternoon. Already starting to get a bit hazy on the horizon as we cleared the tree line

but the view from the top was still worth it.

It`s not often conditions are so perfect, the warm sun, a welcome cooling breeze: really didn`t want to come down although the walk back through the woods was also a delight.

And the cricket season is up and running. If I knew what the emoji for contented sigh was I`d use it. :)