Thursday, 19 July 2018

Thursday 19.07.2018

Left work more or less on time for once, determined to make the most of another magical summer evening. Sun still high and warm this early evening, swallows and martins busy in the sky and zooming low across the fields that turn a little more golden every day.

The woods a delight of light and shadow, butterflies and moths everywhere and deer emerging cautiously to graze,disappearing back amongst the trees much more quickly as they sense us approaching.

And so the evening turned into what is now a chilly but perfectly still and silent night with a half moon hanging overhead. The deer are no doubt munching away quite happily, undisturbed.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Sunday 15.7.2018

A spot of shinrin-yoku with friends on an estate renowned amongst other things for being the home of Byron`s mother. The Gight Estate is now a wildlife reserve under the aegis of the Scottish Wildlife Trust. A very warm, muggy afternoon meant a slow stroll was the order of the day, in amongst venerable trees,

and interesting plants (the youngest member of the party being particularly interested in the numerous bugs).

Ruined buildings spoke of former pomp

while more pragmatic modern solutions had been found for what, in the winter, tends to be boggy ground

and for crossing the River Ythan which runs through the estate and beside which a picnic was taken. We even had a picnic blanket! (Thank you M)

Altogether a most relaxing few hours.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Sunday 8.7.2018

Overcast and cooler later this afternoon with spits and spots of...what`s that stuff called again...oh yes, rain.
It makes for better walking conditions though. Paths in and out of the trees were being mowed as we walked round the woods so the scent of new cut grass was heady, the crops in the fields are coming on apace
and it really feels like high summer.......

....which also means seaside, ice cream and Festivals. So last weekend it was a first visit to Largs, the perfect place to be on a blazing hot day with fabulous views across the Firth of Clyde

not to mention the famous Nardini ice-cream.

But then onwards and upwards to Kelburn Castle,just up the road, for the last day of the Kelburn Garden Party. All the usual fun and frolics of a Festival in the sunshine: stunning setting looking over towards the Isle of Arran,

beautiful grounds,

a new band discovered - new to us that is - Trongate Rum Riots - brilliant fun,

and last but not least a boat at the top of a hill. Naturally.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Sunday 24.6.2018

Had hoped for a late evening walk up Bennachie on the 21st to mark the solstice but despite blue skies and sunshine the wind was so strong we decided it would be too much like hard work.
Indeed, the wind persisted though on Friday at least it wasn`t going for the jugular so we managed a trot round the woods...cue yet more tree pics...

....and there were lines and rows and shadows too.

This evening, after the tension of the football (tension? what tension? 6-1! even if it was "only" Panama) a walk the perfect antidote. Calm and warm,bird chorus in full swing, butterflies fluttering over the waist high cow parsley, the air thick with scent...and those trees! Plus a little natural sculpture.....

And tonight it is still and warm with a nearly full golden moon hanging against the indigo blue of an endless Scottish summer night. Don`t really want to go to bed........

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Sunday 17.6.2018

If you can`t decide where to to start throw all the plates in the air and go for a walk. By the time you return they`ve usually lined themselves up in order of priority.
In any case it was much too good a morning to ignore: we were out before nine, sun shining, fresh breeze, grass still wet, birds-a-singing and a-tweeting.

Could have just stood and stared at the light coming through the trees in the woods.....

....but hey ho - things to do. Now, where are those plates........

Friday, 15 June 2018

Friday 15.6.2018

Out late morning with a promise of rain later in the day (though it hasn`t arrived yet) not to mention a football match or two to watch but it was perfect walking weather: a mild but blustery fly-dispersing wind on the way up the road and then warm and still in the woods which are at their `summeriest` - colours and scents, light and shade and loud bird song all the way round. We may only be 6 days away from the longest day of the year but hopefully there`ll be a bit more of this before we have to batten down the hatches.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Sunday 3.6.2018

Back from and a first walk in the woods this afternoon. Summer arrived while we were away and the woods are in full leaf and blossom: gorse, broom, hawthorn and elder and bright green larch needles while the beech leaves are already turning a darker green.
Paths have been mowed so there was a wonderful smell of fresh cut grass, a breeze to counteract the slight stuffiness of the overcast but warm day and birdsong accompanying it all.

And perhaps best of all, it`s a good year for the "family" laburnum.