Monday, 20 November 2017

Sunday 17.11.2017

The days shorten and winter beckons but though it`s now mostly about the winter silhouettes,

the colours of autumn linger in some places.

Meanwhile it`s been a few days of gigs courtesy of

Jazz, Blues and a very interesting talk on beer....
Who`d have thought it.

Back to work tomorrow...then more`s sometimes hard to keep up.......

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Wednesday 1.11.2017

It was all about the colours,

the skies,

and the autumnal landscape as we set off not long after 2 into a cold, head-clearing wind.

For weather it beat Sunday which was a day of fierce squalls. We waited for them to blow over but in the end went anyway, got wet and a bit cold, wobbled through the last, very dark part of the woods but as we emerged were greeted by a beautiful silver three-quarter moon which seemed to have appeared out of nowhere with the express purpose of lighting us home. One of those magic moments.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Friday 27.10.2017

Late afternoon walk after an extra day at work. Set off just after four into a blustery wind which only stopped battering us once we were in the shelter of the woods.

Mushrooms popping up overnight,

beautiful colours and light

and long, long shadows.

Later the sky put on a spectacular show

with a rousing finale.

Clocks back tomorrow night so it felt like a fitting way to mark the end of post-work walks.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Wednesday 25.10.2017

An irresistible morning, sunny and still and wonderful colours....which we managed to resist until after lunch by which time the wind was getting up and clouds were gathering on the horizon.
Nevertheless, fantastic walking weather and we took a slightly longer loop round to make the most of a day that spoke of birds on the move, the last of the straw getting baled up, leaves now tumbling down all round and just very....autumny.....

Meanwhile it`s taking a long time to collate photos of trip...and to fully come back to base. Only thing for it is to start planning the next one......

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sunday 15.10.2017

Gloriously golden afternoon in October: blustery but mild; row upon row of yellow straw glistening in the sunshine,waiting to be baled; leaves clattering down; fungi - yellow, grey, white - emerging in patches everywhere and that indefinable scent pf autumn. Been several walks in the woods since return from travels in foreign parts but this was the first day that really looked the part.
Meanwhile we await the arrival of the remains of Hurricane Ophelia on the anniversary of the great storm of 1987 and hope the weather forecasters are right this time, pace Michael Fish.

Tales of travels to follow as and when....the weird and the wonderful, train journeys to remember, the kindness of strangers (naturally), food, drink, bus trips, steps climbed, views admired,good books read on the way of course and - it has to be said - the stupendous folly of Brexit underlined every day. :(

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Sunday 20.08.2017

Survived the madness that is Boomtown though my feet only just have: every time I`ve tried to put them back in boots they`ve screamed "not yet!" and it`s been flip-flops for the last week.

Worth it tonight though, a perfect sunlit evening redolent of all things autumnal, as if summer was kicking back and saying, "Ok that`s me, done the best I can do but I`ll be off quite soon now". Warm and still, high white clouds, red berries, a few leaves just beginning to turn, birds cooing and murmuring just out of sight and the odd hare scuttling out of our way.

Feet survived anyway: now have to get them ready for a much longer adventure.........

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sunday 6.8.2017

A lovely summer`s day at the end of what`s been a changeable week of downpours and sunshine - sometimes at the same time.
Busy skies,
a fresh breeze out on the hill but warm in the woods.

Yesterday Edinburgh was in summer mood, familiar silhouettes against the evening sky,
the whole place buzzing as the Festival gets under way and the gravity-defying Cirkopolis your starter for 10. Wow!

And next week it`s Boomtown.......
Can`t wait......